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PROJECT TRACKER V4.5 is a simple yet powerful tool used to keep track of multiple projects or jobs against what was "quoted". You can keep track of hours (labour) and materials used for specific projects. This allows the project manager to keep in check how projects have progressed against what was quoted - Compare actual project costs versus estimated costs

Project Tracker allows multiple users on a network to enter tasks associated to a project. This becomes powerful when different people work on the same project. 
Also included is an Out-of-Office log sheet that is used to record tasks and materials while out of the office or away from the PC. This can be used to update the project when you return to the PC, or given to an admin staff for entry.
In this new version we have added:
  • New materials module
  • An intuitive overview screen
  • A powerful progress screen
  • New Standard Tasks Module
  • New Reports
The reports supplied with Project Tracker allows the user to print out information, which can be filtered to display project data based on:
  • Client Report:
Displays Projects and tasks by Client
  • Employee Report:
Displays Projects and tasks by Employee
  • Project Detail:
This powerful report displays totals for tasks completed Vs quoted totals. This allows the user to see if they have gone over or under what they had 'quoted'.
  • Project Progress:
Prints a projects progress at any stage.
  • Progress List:
Prints out a list of projects that are in the system.
  • Project Billing:
Prints a report which can be used as an attachment for invoicing purposes.
Powerful filtering capabilities allows the user to select what type of information they wish to print out.
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Download File Name: protrack.exe
Size: 13.4MB
Release Date: September 2006
System Requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP
The downloaded file is a self extracting file which will automatically run the setup routine to install the program. Just follow the prompts.
An uninstall routine is also included to completely remove this program if required.
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